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Ming Ying Hong

Disjunction and Other Works

January 19 - February 19

My work explores the limits of our knowledge and experience by questioning the way we define and categorize states of being. Bodily forms are depicted as masculine and feminine, dead and alive, aggressive and delicate. Explosions, another common motif, teeter on the razor thin edge of dissolution and whole. By combining these seemingly contradictory elements together, opposites which once defined each other overlap, ultimately dismantling the system in which one definition is privileged over another. Masculinity no longer prevails over the feminine; strength no longer prevails over the delicate' and stability no longer prevails over the broken. Instead, the work encourages us to examine the in-between spaces of these binaries - the spaces that fall outside of our clear-cut definitions and hierarchies. In examining these areas of uncertainty, a more complex spectrum of experience emerges.​




Explosive energy dominates the work of Sarah Krepp and Olivia Petrides. Krepp locates a powerful gesture in found materials, in blown-out shredded tires which are gathered from highway debris. Blow-outs force the wires, embedded in the rubber, into writhing gesticulations of accumulated stress. Petrides utilizes simple tools and the basic element of drawing - the line - to enact roiling abstractions of overwhelming natural forces into baroque masses. Both artists see the aggressive mark as emblematic carrier of immense forces within urban and natural environments. Petrides and Krepp achieve a linear complexity, referencing turbulent  atmospheres and tangled social workings, thus posing questions about the relationship between human actions and nature's limitations.



Sarah Krepp and Olivia Petrides



Bruce Walters

What the Hand Dare Seize the Fire?

The drawings included in this exhibition are selected from the 36 years I've been an art professor. Though I've worked in a wide range of media in this time (I've won best of show awards in seven different art media), this exhibition will focus on my graphite drawings - expecially ones in which I've tried to capture a sense of mystery and ...


March 2 - April 9

Mavigliano/Brabec Senior Art Prize & BFA Exhibition

Andrea Kliffmiller

April 20 - May 30

Senior Group Exhibition

April 20 - April 30