WIU Opera Theatre

WIU Opera Theatre

Friday, May 3- Saturday, May 4


Hainline Theatre

The estate of Mr. Almaviva ("The Count") near a city in the USA, at the end of the 1950's. Susanna, personal maid to Mrs. Rosina Almaviva ("The Countess"), and Figaro, The Count's right-hand man in a very successful advertisement firm, are preparing for their wedding. But their marriage could be spoiled by the advances of The Count who is determined to seduce the bride-to-be. With the help of The Countess, who has been neglected by her philandering husband, Figaro and Susanna must use all their imagination to outsmart Mr. Almaviva, avoid the traps laid by Marcellina, Bartolo and Basilio, and take advantage of Cherubino's awkward attempts at romance. Punctuated by a series of improbable events, which evolve into touching moments of melancholy, the "Day of Madness" will see each mask fall one by one, revealing the true nature of the wearer's heart. (adapted from www.opera-online.com)

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